2016 Tips and Suggestions

What is the race time? The race will start at 8:00 am on Saturday, September 10.

Runners Dinner! The Perfect Wife will be offering a special runners dinner. No need to pre-register, just show up!

How do I register for the races?
You can register online or by paper form. Registering online is quick and easy an we highly recommend it.

There will be no race day registration.

What is the Jay Hathaway Memorial Team Challenge?
This is how the Team Challenge works: Teams of runners and/or walkers will compete for the Hathaway Team Challenge Trophy in either the Half Marathon or in the 5 K races. The top four participants’ finishing positions in their race will be added together, with the lowest cumulative total being declared the Team champion. Each runner/walker will go the full distance in their event (i.e., not a relay event.) One champion team will be crowned in each event.  Please note that this is somewhat different from the past: A team can consist of any number of runners greater than 4. However, only the top 4 finishers’ positions are computed for the team’s finishing position.

Is the race capped?
Yes! 1,000 runners/walkers for the 5k and half marathon combined in the limit.

When does online registration close?
Online registration closes Wednesday September 7th, 2016 at midnight EST or when we reach 1000 registrations – whichever comes first.

Can I register on race day?
There is no registration on race day. Why not play it safe and register online?

Is the half-marathon course certified?
Yes it is! USATF: VT12004JK

Are walkers allowed in the half-marathon?
Walkers are welcome for the half marathon, as long as they can complete the course within the 4 hour time limit. After noon we will have limited bike marshal escorts. 

Race Swag
Every race participant will receive a commemorative race gift. Past gifts have included backpacks, gloves, hats, maple syrup, and more! Performance shirts can be purchased when registering online. 

Is there an age limit for the races?
You must be 12 years or older to participate in the half marathon. There is no age limit for the 5K, though minors need a parent’s signature to participate.

Will there be on-course photographers?
Capstone Photography will once again take pictures of racers on the course as well as at the finish line for purchase after the race. Get ready to smile!

When can I pick up my race number, timing chip, etc?
You may pick up your bib, timing chip, etc. on Sept. 9th at the Dana Thompson Recreation Center between 4-7:30 pm and from 6-7:30 am on the morning of the race.

Where can I park?
There is plenty of parking at the Dana Thompson Recreation Center where the races start and finish. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time on race morning as traffic increases after 6:30 am. The entrance road into the Dana Thompson Recreation Park will close by 7:00 am for the runner’s safety. Arrive early and enjoy the fun atmosphere at the park! Latecomers will be directed to nearby alternate parking sites. ARRIVING EARLY IS FAR BETTER THAN ARRIVING LATE. We start the race PROMPTLY at 8 am!

What can my family do while I'm running the half-marathon?
The Dana Thompson Recreation Park has a playground, ball fields, an enclosed dog park, and a 1-mile walking path. All facilities will be open on race day.

Do the Maple Leaf races benefit a charity?
Yes! Over the years the Manchester Lions have contributed tens of thousands of dollars to Manchester area charities, which include aid for medical expenses, educational projects for adults and children, youth recreation, and student scholarships. Visit our charity page to see other nonprofit groups participating in and benefiting from the Maple Leaf. The race is entirely planned and staffed by volunteers, all profits go back into the community.

Is there a way I can communicate with other participants?
Join us on our Facebook page, or get to the start corral and chat it up!

Are there port-a-potties on the course?
We have plenty of restrooms and port-a-potties at the start, mid-way point and finish of the races. 

What will the weather be like on race day?
This is Vermont - the weather changes faster than you can finish a 5K. Typical early September weather at the start will be sunny, cloudy, overcast, or rainy - but we promise there won't be any snow. Expect a temperature range from the mid-40's to the high 70's, with the average in the mid-50's. Bring sunscreen and a rain hat - you never know.

Can I listen to music?
The use of personal music devices isdiscouraged at the Maple Leaf Half Marathon and 5K. To enjoy all that our race has to offer and for the safety of all participants, we encourage a headphone-free environment during the entire race. The majority of the roads are open to traffic during the races, and your safety is our primary concern.

Are wheelchairs or hand cycles allowed?
Definitely! Please remember the rolling course travels over some dirt and loose gravel roads, so please plan accordingly.

Are baby strollers allowed?
No. Our race insurance doesn't allow baby strollers. There race starts and finishes at the Dana Thompson Recreation Center, which has multiple playgrounds and a fields to keep the family busy.

Can my pet accompany me if it's on a leash?
No! Our insurance strictly forbids it. Sorry, but there can be no exceptions.

Where are the water stops, and is there sports drink available?
Water stops are staffed by enthusiastic volunteers at 8 locations on the half-marathon course, and at 1 stop on the 5K course. Gatorade sports drink will be available at half of the water stops ON THE HALF MARATHON COURSE. Click for course maps identifying water/Gatorade stops during the half marathon and 5k.

When will the awards ceremony take place?
Awards for the 5K will start at approximately 9:30 am, and awards for the half-marathon will begin at approximately 10:30 am.

What if I need medical attention?
Southwestern Vermont Medical Center and the Manchester Rescue Squad provide onsite trained emergency medical staff.

Are any roads closed on race day?
Route 30 from the Dana Thompson Recreation Center to the intersection of Route 7A, and Route 7A to the Equinox Hotel will be closed from 9-9:45 am. While all other roads are open, please exercise extreme caution. (Which is why headphones are not a good idea.)

How hilly is the course?
This is Vermont, home of the Green Mountains. We call non-Vermonters flatlanders for a reason! (Smile, you know you want to!) That said, Manchester is in a valley, but you have to expect a few hills, especially at mile 8. It's called "Wind Hill" and it will take your breath away because of its beauty and steepness. But don't worry there is a water stop at the bottom and another at the top. (Yep, it's that kind of hill.)

What are my lodging options for the weekend?
Click on our lodging page to find the list of local inns and restaurants that are offering special prices for Maple Leaf participants.